Villa Impivaara is set over two floors and it’s about 190m2 in total.

The villa was fully renovated at 2007 and it’s constantly being

renewed when there are no customers.


Located upstairs is the fully equipped kitchen,

dining area with table which seats 6 guests,

living room with two big couchs, 42”

flat TV and Onkyo stereo. There is also a fully glassed 

balcony which looks out over the lake.

There are 2 upstairs bedrooms, one of which has an adjoining

door to the balcony so it is just a short walk to enjoy the

morning sun and quiet nature.


Downstairs is one bedroom, living room with a big

couch, a 40” flat TV and PS3. There is

also a utility room with washing machine and drying cabinet for the

wet clothes. There is of course the sauna and the washing room with

two seperate showers. There is also a downstairs balcony which is also

fully glassed. This is a pleasant place to be after the sauna for

cooling down a little and enjoy some drinks while watching the quiet lake.


Outside there is a four car garage with

timeable car heating system car at winter if your car

is equipped with compatible electric heating system.


If you enjoy walking, there are many paths around the lake.

There are many marked paths too so if you'd like to walk / run /bike

to Lahti or Messilä, it’s possible using them in winter or in summer.

The Finlandia ski path goes past the back of the villa so you can go

skiing almost from the doorstep.


There is a private wharf where you can go for a swim and

steady stairs that are also good for older people too and a nice sandy

beach that you can sit and enjoy the nature.


At the villa there is 8mb ADSL Internet for free use and

24h security surveillance system. We also provide NetFlix.